Facebook has recently updated its privacy policy and its overall rule system. Some of the changes are great for the community, but then there are others that will make life difficult for entrepreneurs.

Small business owners with a lot of followers will realize that it doesn’t matter how many people are following if they are not paying Facebook to boost their status. Usually, a business owner would only boost a status to get the word out to more people and not just the folks who are following the designated page for the company. However, with the new rule, the thousands of fans an entrepreneur might have may never see a status unless it is boosted.

So the question we must ask, is this; why the need to have followers in the first place if small business owners must pay to allow the majority of them to see a status? It doesn’t make much sense, and comes off as a cash grab more than anything else.

Businesses that relies a lot of free status marketing will suffer a lot when this new law takes shape in January of 2015. Facebook should bear in mind that not everyone can afford the thousands of dollars to promote their content each month, and such some aspects of this new rule should be rolled back into the depth from whence it came.

According to Christine Lynch, a small business owner with her page on Facebook; she has spent around $6,000 this year to boost her Facebook posts. She will have to spend much more than that next year, despite the Facebook page of her business having close to 12,000 likes.

We’re not sure what Facebook was thinking, but the company’s new policy around advertising one’s business on the social network has changed a great deal. If this continues, we can foresee many business owners looking elsewhere in the future for better options because this move is complete madness.

We hope Mark Zuckerberg looks into this matter and do the right thing, because instead of gaining more revenue, Facebook could lose a lot of small business entrepreneurs as doing business on the social network becomes too expensive.



(Photo : Marco Paköeningrat)

Original post can be found at: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/21102/20141130/facebook-is-killing-small-business-entrepreneurs-with-new-policy-rule.htm

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