NOEW – Fulton Street Interview

This was my first time at #NOEW (New Orleans Entrepreneur Week). I met a lot of great people, learned loads of valuable information, and had blast taking in the rich New Orleans food and culture. I’m really blessed to be in a position to travel, pitch, and promote my new start-up in a new city

BLOG ⋅ April 21, 2016

Delta Challenge kickoff Winner! & ‪#‎DeltaEntrepreneurship‬ DEN 2.0 Fellow‪

As a Businessman, I never considered myself as being a big talker. I was always the guy behind the scenes. Never thought I would be the pitch man, Also didn’t plan on starting a business in 100 non stop days with StartCO. As an civic entrepreneur focused on education, never in a million years would I

BLOG ⋅ September 23, 2015

Best In Black Web/Graphic Design Artist Winner!

So, my plan was to attend the Best in Black Awards Show to network and hopefully run into a couple of  high school principals to discuss MyCollegeSTREAM, and unexpectedly I win this prestigious award. I would like to say thank you to the Tristate Defender, Bernal Smith, First Tennessee Bank, Ford Motor Company, Cigna, Stax Museum, National

BLOG ⋅ September 13, 2015

Memphis Daily News Feature Article

MyCollegeSTREAM co-founder and chief technology officer Bryant Warren said the 14 weeks spent with Start Co. completely transformed the company’s business model from a nonprofit to a for-profit enterprise, with a selling point to high school administrators rather than college recruiters. “If we connect kids with the opportunity, it’s going to make Memphis better for

BLOG ⋅ August 15, 2015

MyCollegeSTREAM – Demo Day Pitch

  Sacrificing is the act of giving up something valuable for the sake of something else deemed worthy or more important. Ever wondered what it’s like to start a business in 100 days? For the last three months, we have done the amount of work equivalent to one year in just 3 months with StartCO, here

BLOG ⋅ August 13, 2015

StartCo day 1 video blog

Our entrepreneurial action will reduce barriers to success and build communities that elevate both talent and high-growth startup companies.

BLOG ⋅ May 5, 2015

I had the pleasure to work with the super talented “Kick Lyfe” crew in bringing there custom apparel company web presence to life. The site encompasses both a blog and an fully functioning commerce web store.

BLOG ⋅ March 20, 2015

Is Facebook Killing Small Business Entrepreneurs with new Policy Rule?

Facebook has recently updated its privacy policy and its overall rule system. Some of the changes are great for the community, but then there are others that will make life difficult for entrepreneurs. Small business owners with a lot of followers will realize that it doesn’t matter how many people are following if they are

BLOG ⋅ December 1, 2014

Web Quality & Social Media

Having a business is a pretty cool thing, and those of you that have one, or at least trying to have one knows exactly what I mean. But whats even more cool is the fact that the work you do or products that you sell helps or makes the customers life easier. I wanted to take

BLOG ⋅ November 6, 2014