Best In Black Web/Graphic Design Artist Winner!

So, my plan was to attend the Best in Black Awards Show to network and hopefully run into a couple of  high school principals to discuss MyCollegeSTREAM, and unexpectedly I win this prestigious award. I would like to say thank you to the Tristate Defender, Bernal Smith, First Tennessee Bank, Ford Motor Company, Cigna, Stax Museum, National […]

Web Quality & Social Media

Having a business is a pretty cool thing, and those of you that have one, or at least trying to have one knows exactly what I mean. But whats even more cool is the fact that the work you do or products that you sell helps or makes the customers life easier. I wanted to take […]

Flyy Reborn

  This was a fun project that I had the opportunity of designing for a fellow #Memphis #Tiger fashion major. Enjoy…

My New Ads

Well, I did not keep my promise of blogging more, Shame on me. But I have been in school writing papers and learning new things to help out my clients in the ever changing business world that we live in today. Here are a couple of ads that I designed to promote awareness for my […]