NOEW – Fulton Street Interview

This was my first time at #NOEW (New Orleans Entrepreneur Week). I met a lot of great people, learned loads of valuable information, and had blast taking in the rich New Orleans food and culture. I’m really blessed to be in a position to travel, pitch, and promote my new start-up in a new city this month. Last year around this time, I most definitely didn’t see myself getting out of my comfort zone and start doing things like this instead of just talking about it. Sitting front row hearing from the top CEO’s from companies like Smoothie King, Reddit, and Philanthropist Steve case really did something great for my entrepreneur spirit. You know the spirit that either, (“you have it” or “you don’t”). And I advise all my friends, clients, and even the people I don’t even know that (have it) to jump off the cliff and use your dreams to help you fly.

Also Check out this video about MyCollegeSTREAM filmed during my visit to NOEW!

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